Day 36: What is there to do besides sleep? 😴

And work and worry? 😅

Total Recovered Globally: 164,446+

(32,748+ more than Friday! According to Johns Hopkins CSSE, 3:31PM March 30, 2020)

Daily Blast of Happy News

Check out this photo series on Twitter showcasing front-line staff, recognizing the folks that are hard at work right now working through this pandemic

A random meme… 🧻 (because a certain reader requested this)

🌧 Crazy rain today in Seattle ☔

And wind too. All it does is make me want to lay down on my couch and nap. Which honestly I may do even though it is 4PM right now. Oh man… the lack of productivity. The lack of steps taken so far (under 2000). The sheer amount of snacks I’ve ingested.

Also, how many days has it been since you last washed your hair? 🤔

Until next time,

😗, Helen.