Day 33: House music at home... 🏠 HAPPENING NOW!

If you've got access to YouTube, there's some good electronic hits going on right now. 💽

Total Recovered Globally: 131,698+

(9,495+ more than Wednesday! According to Johns Hopkins CSSE, 8:30PM March 27, 2020)

Daily Blast of Happy News

  • On Jewish and Muslim paramedics praying together amidst a tough day🙏 (Thanks Prashanth for emailing me some of these!)

  • For small (tech) businesses that are struggling - here are some free resources that can help enable remote work

  • Stuck at home on a Friday night? Check out this Isomniac Live Stream on YouTube of some nice electronic music from the folks that bring you major festivals like EDM. House music. Cause we’re home. 🏠

    Not that much about EDM? Check out this nice panda live stream instead.

My Friday thoughts…

Too lazy to type stuff, I’m just going to go dance to the above stream. Don’t forget to take a break this weekend ok?? Don’t all of a sudden just fall back into work!

What are your plans for tomorrow? 🤔

Until next time,

😗, Helen.