18 million masks donated around the world 😷 + my "new routine"

And using this blog to cross off my daily to-dos 📃✏

Total Recovered Globally: 107,304+

(5,510+ more than yesterday! According to Johns Hopkins CSSE, 7:13PM March 24, 2020)

Daily Blast of Happy News

  • We’ve been at a shortage of medical equipment right? Well, here’s Alibaba, donating 20,000 test kits; 100,000 masks; 1,000 protective suits to each of the 54 African states

  • And Apple, donating 9 million to healthcare facilities across the US and Europe

  • Oh and Facebook, donating 720,000

  • And honestly a variety of other tech billionaries, donating up to 18 million masks to battle COVID-19 around the world

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I’m starting a daily to-do list! What are yours?

Today’s so far:

  • List out to-dos [Done]

  • Respond to Rami [Done]

  • Go through public documentation

  • Clean for 5 minutes

  • Do dishes

  • Respond to IG messages [Done]

  • Make a video for my podcast trailer

  • Make this blog post [Done]

  • Do Insanity [Done]

  • Do a stretch routine [Done]

  • Dance

  • Do taxes

  • Record a podcast episode

… am I reaching? Over-committing? (Oh hell yeah cause half these are carry-overs…). I mean I have also spent time going to a local bagel shop, buying a bagel, getting a bagel for free 💸, chatting with friends, complimenting a coworker’s dog, dancing in an empty parking lot until it started raining…

Let me know what your to-dos are in the comments below! Pretend you read this. 🙏🏻

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